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I ran out of disk space
mamamia5x (80)

What does it mean to run out of disk space on Does it mean that I ran out of disk space for the whole site, or just that particulary repo. How would I fix it?

I also got hacker, and the issue never happened to me before I got hacker.

The Repl is found here.

Baconman321 (1097)

I found out that this happens when you upload a big payload of files and try to move them before they load or try to upload more before they fully load. Try waiting a bit before moving the file(s)/uploading more.

Bookie0 (6271)

If I recall correctly, I think the storage limit isn't really enforced. Idk about the disk space though..

But what has happened seems to be just a bug, happens to all of us. Report to bugs here! ;)


that happens when your repl has takes more than 500mb. Just fork the repl. To not get the error.

Zavexeon (1162)

Seems to be a random error.

Squirrel777 (139)

How large is the repl?

Squirrel777 (139)

@mamamia5x well the repl seems to be working just fine for me. Maybe it's the project that you are cloning, the project's node_modules seems pretty big.

mamamia5x (80)

@Squirrel777 That may be true, but there is no workaround?

Squirrel777 (139)

Not that I know of, your going to have to use a more powerful IDE such as vs code @mamamia5x

19wintersp (1142)

How do you know you ran out of disk space? That error just happens from time-to-time, and reloading will generally fix it. What happens when you reload?

mamamia5x (80)

Same thing, if you read the bottom it says that I ran out of disk space. Don't know why it says Space Jam. @19wintersp

19wintersp (1142)

@mamamia5x You might have actually maxed out the container's space. There isn't really a way to fix that that I'm aware of: maximum per-repl storage is 1GB.

19wintersp (1142)

@mamamia5x Don't think so, unless you can split the files into different repls.