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I need to break the loop so I can start asking questions. Paypal $5
BPChallenges (5)

I need to break the loop after signing up and logging in, so that I can ask the question "Would you like to choose the classical music quiz?"

Axrevyn (291)

I think the problem is the if on line 51. You don't have it set to break after you log in successfully.
If you want, invite me, and I can help.

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Axrevyn (291)

@BPChallenges I fixed it.

My solution was:
(Line 11)

global logged_in

Declare logged_in as a global variable that I can use anywhere

(Line 23)

logged_in = True

Once you log in, the variable is now defined as True.

(Line 54)

if logged_in is True: break

This breaks from the loop only if you've successfully logged in.

Cool? Cool.
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SorenRood (2)

Need two equal signs on line 42. == is the "check for equality" operator.

peternielsen112 (37)

Also I don't know what the "paypal $5" is but if you're putting a bounty on a question first off stack overflow does that if you want and tbh just google it man, not worth the $5

IcynDevz (762)

If you want to break a while loop, you need to do break

BPChallenges (5)

@IcingHackz could you do this for me?

IcynDevz (762)

@BPChallenges after login() and signup() add a break after it

BPChallenges (5)

@IcingHackz It says that it's outside the loop. Do you mean on the line after?

IcynDevz (762)

@BPChallenges wait can you let me edit the repl first

BPChallenges (5)

@IcingHackz Yes I've just accepted your request