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I need somebody !

I'm a 16 year old french student and i want to do my next studies in programming i do not know much and i'm motivated to learn many things on the subject ! My question is, does anyone know how to help me get started or have any advice for me ? Thank you for your time :)


Well, let's start with what programming things you want to do?
If you want to make websites and web apps, then you should learn HTML, CSS for styling those pages and Javascript to make them more interactive, once you have those down look up some tutorials on Node.js so you can make servers and stuff.

If you want to do data analysis or small game design, learn Python (a really easy language to learn) and check our pygame.

If you want to make more serious games with a game engine, then you need to learn C# (for unity game engine) or C++ (For Unreal Game Engine)

As AarjavKavathia said, there are lots of places online for you to learn. Personally, I used to learn the basics of python, HTML, css, javascript, and ruby, and then I watched a bunch of youtube videos on more advanced stuff and to help me learn node.js and python flask.

If you don't know any programming languages or haven't really programmed before, I suggest that you learn either Python or C#.
Python is easy, popular and the syntax is more simple so you can focus on the programmer concepts and not worry about semicolons and brackets.
On the other hand, C# is a lot easier than low level languages like C++ and learning the syntax is helpful because then it will be much easier to learn a similar language like Java.
But ultimately it is up to you what you want to learn.


Hi! There are a lot of different programming languages that you could learn. I would personally suggest using Python since it is easy to learn and really useful. You can learn it on W3Schools, Sololearn, or Codecademy. If you have questions, you can always ask the community here.