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I need python help
ElijahNarvaez (11)

Me again, hello. In the file I want the clear to happen before my place holder, its doing it after, even tho its in the order I want. How do i fix this?

Coder100 (18902)

that's not correct.
The file actually gets executed when you import it, not when you try to access a variable. What you want to do instead is to make functions that return input, instead of making variables.

ElijahNarvaez (11)

@Coder100 Im small brain, i don't get it

MrVoo (90)

@ElijahNarvaez Are you trying to run all the files at the same time?

ElijahNarvaez (11)

@MrVoo Does it do anything if i do?

MrVoo (90)

@ElijahNarvaez Mmmm, what are you trying to do, why can't you just do it on

Coder100 (18902)

basically, here is your

def get_rmenu():
  return input('...')

and then to actually get the value, you do:


do you understand now?

ElijahNarvaez (11)

@Coder100 not really, but ill figure it out

MrVoo (90)

@ElijahNarvaez All you need to do is spam enter to organize .-.