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I need help with logic gates

Will pay u to right my test


Excuse me but:
1) where/what is the question
2) you don't even have anything
3) nobody is going to write you a test here, do it yourself
4) this is against the rules


Before installing a wicket, you should know that the entrance garden wicket delimits the boundaries of the plot and can be used without a gate. It is not necessary to make such a wooden wicket in total height; it is enough to limit the passage of livestock into the garden to a height of about 1 meter. The side gate is built separately from the entrance gate; it is an additional passage from the other side to the site. It is needed, for example, to exit to the river or the other side of the street. Freestanding wickets must be pretty massive and reliable, but not to attract attention. Usually, masters make it similar to a solid fence, to which it adjoins.