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I need help making a python website?
Korbindev (134)

Ok so I want a website makde from python and html. i need help making it. So someone please invite me to their team and we can work together. Thanks :)

Must have signup and login page
Want about me page (ill do that)
Want my logo (ill send to you)
Want 5 pages

Kookiez (405)

Well, hello, and there are some stuff to tell you:

  • Most people usually don't accept money on to do something, most people do it for fun and collab with others (like me)

  • want the best coder out [there]

  • The best coder? I bet most of the good coders here are either:

    • too busy
    • hard to get them to join

Oh, and I'm:

  • NOT the best coder out there (just a person around the intermediate range)
  • Busy, of course, since I have school and 3 coding collabs and 2 repls that I'm working on.

Have a good day :D

(Also, maybe add more info about what your website will be about)

JBloves27 (1878)


  1. I love your bio
  2. 3 collabs?
  3. have a good day

;) @Kookiez

Korbindev (134)

@Kookiez im not very good at coding

Korbindev (134)

@Kookiez wait i need all the hlep i could get could you help?

Kookiez (405)

@KorbinVanette sorry, i can't help that much since as i said, i'm really busy :(
i could give some advice, though. maybe ping me when you need a little help?

Kookiez (405)

@KorbinVanette and idk how to make a website using python, since you have to use flask and all that. js may be ok

JBloves27 (1878)

Hello @KorbinVanette,
Some notes to tell you:

  1. you do not need to give out money, you can just ask for help.
  2. It will be hard to get the best coder, they might be busy
  3. I am not your guy
  4. have a good day
ObiVibKenobi (170)

I think it might be hard to get the BEST coder (I’m not the best, so just ignore me if you want to), also I think most people here don’t need/want the hundred dollars and are willing to do it for free

Korbindev (134)

@ObiVibKenobi ok i just rlly need a website