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I need help finding an auto clicker that I can use

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I've been searching for an auto clicker that I can use, but every one of them says "This file is for a PC using windows software." I'm using a Chromebook so I don't have windows.

If anyone can help, I'll greatly appreciate it.
And thanks in advance

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Not available

A Chromebook doesn't have an auto clicker. I am also on Chromebook, but maybe you can get an extension. But there is no such thing available .

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Yeah, chromebook doesn't have an autoclicker. I'm on chromebook too. A chromebook is basically a browser as an operating system. The extensions use javascript as their primary code. So, unless you can make one yourself, no. I can't find any good ones. There was one, but it didn't seem to work. Of course, you could use an exe emulator, download an actual exe autoclicker, and use that, if that works.

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