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I just started coding but don't know where to start.

I have been recently taking classes in high school on coding but they don't really outline which languages are important. I just signed up for a hacker membership here but don't know what I would do with it. Can someone help me with what languages I could learn first?

Answered by IntellectualGuy [earned 5 cycles]
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There are 3 languages that you should probably choose from

  • Python
  • Java

Python is more syntax friendly
Java is an object oriented programming language
HTML/CSS/JS are the 3 languages that are used to make websites and such.

All of these languages are beginner friendly so make sure to consider them as a first language.

Here are a few tutorials for you to get started.

W3 schools
Tutorials Point
Tutorials here on

Also the hacker plan gives you

  • Private Repls
  • Always On Repls
  • Better Memory and Storage
  • And More

I think you should learn .NET coding language to make EPOS Software.


Wow, thanks everyone! I will certainly try those languages.


try html first.


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I started by learning HTML and CSS even though they're really structure languages. I started learning Python in high school and it's really easy yet incredibly powerful. I would reccomend the w3schools tutorials for both of these. Oh, and one more thing, even if you're the best programmer in your school, never be afraid to look things up. The best programmers are the best because they do this all the time.