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I have created a game with python, can you all give me feedback!

Its a rock paper scissors python terminal game that I created.
I want your feedback on how to improve it and if you find any bugs
comment below!


Seems cool. Though if you added a way to loop it such as giving a condition and then an IF statement and let the user choose to either replay or stop. This would just be an optional choice, but a little color would be nice. In the code, you should also add ELIF statements since you have a lot of IF statements and kinda jumbles it. Or else I think it's pretty fine. It's pretty good honestly Keep the good work up @Tejasnarula! ~ @Carnage498


@Carnage498 Thanks a lot.
I pretty much did the same thing, where I had the user to decide if they want to play again...(check my project description!)

but for efficiency and better experience I made that a while loop and added a score system.


Ok, np @Tejasnarula. good project.