My repl has 27 gb of RAM really?
CarlyRaeJepsenS (2)
function bTG(num) {
  return num / Math.pow(10,9) //bytes to gb 

>> 1.775673344
>> 27.335294976

Does my repl really have 27 gigabytes of RAM? And I'm just running 77 lines of random stuff, how does this consume 1 gb? I suspect this is for /home/runner (I guess all the repos on the server?).
How do I find the amount of memory allotted to my repl, and mine only?

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ImagineEngine (5)

I guess this is because repl maybe hosts servers on the same physical device but different ports. Maybe this function tells the allocated RAM for the overall server. Im not sure about this please correct me if im wrong. :)

CarlyRaeJepsenS (2)

@ImagineEngine Yeah, that makes more sense - some other cloud repos like Glitch occasionally display huge amounts of disk or cpu.