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I don't know why it says: IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level
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I can't figure out why it is wrong. Pls help ASAP.

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I’ve had that problem before. You have to re-indent everything

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board = [ ['-' ,'-' ,'-' ], ['-' ,'-' ,'-' ], ['-' ,'-' ,'-'] ] def print_board (board): for row in board: for slot in row: print(f"{slot} ", end="") print() def quit(user_input): if user_input.lower() == "q": print("Thanks for playing!") return True else: return False def check_input(user_input): if not isnum(user_input): return False user_input = int(user_input) if not bounds(user_input):return False return True def isnum(user_input): if not user_input.isnumeric(): print("Please enter a valid number.") return False else: return True def bounds(user_input): if user_input > 9 or user_input < 1: print("This number is out of bounds!") return False def istaken(coords, board): row = coords[0] col = coords[1] if board[row][col] != "-": print("This position is already taken.") return True else: return False def coordinates(user_input): row = int(user_input / 3) col = user_input if col > 2: col = int(col % 3) return (row, col) while True: print_board (board) user_input = input("Please enter a position 1 through 9 or enter \"q\" to quit:") if quit(user_input):break if not check_input(user_input): print("Please try again.") continue user_input = int(user_input) - 1 coords = coordinates(user_input) if istaken(coords, board): print("Please try again.") continue

copy paste that code into your code

hope it works!