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I don’t know what to make ?

I don’t know what to do with python so I decided to ask and see what suggestions anyone has than I will chose the best suggestion and do it! Note: if you ask anything a bit advanced to me I might not know how to do it but if you still say for example that function print writes something and tell me what that function does and means I might do it!

Answered by KHZ [earned 5 cycles]
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@beginner10coder There are quite a lot of projects for beginners to do. I can give some suggestions to you if you want to and even if someone gives you one that is a little tough do try to work on it. Maybe by searching from here and there you could learn something new. Anyways here are my suggestions:

  • Leap Year Checker Program
  • A Counter that Counts a Specific Thing from a List of Numbers or Strings Program
  • A Simple Dice Roll Program
  • A Factorial Finder Program
    And Then a Little Complex One. Try making this after you Complete the Previous Ones
  • Simple Hangman

Good suggestions I’ll try a few of [email protected]


Maybe simple hangman that sounds like a fun one to make and also fun to play.


its me! @Beginnerbot7


Hey how about some thing that makes a game from Beginnerbot7