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I don't have any idea
jgrif17 (2)

I am trying to break my code into sub routines, but I would be lying if I said I understood why. So now my brain has ceased to function. I appreciate any feedback you can offer. My teacher has not done a single lecture all semester so if you have any suggestions on self-learning tools or text books I would appreciate that feedback as well.

AlexGambler (0)

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stefansalvator1 (0)

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ElmaDavis (0)

There's an error in line #41, check the spelling of static. The overall line of code is correct. I am a web developer for a cover letter service uk company. So, If you still find any error while compiling you can contact me anytime!

SeCalcula (0)

But it looks like you have done it yet, haven't you?
I use this kind of code in my site:

AlexPradt (0)

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morganarron (0)

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annajenner (0)

Hi! Hope you've already solved your problem and found useful resources for self-learning. By the way, do you know which framework is more popular today: Angular vs. React? I am going to develop a website.

anastefanyuk (0)

Hello! This website has a lot of useful information on software development topics, they also provide java and js consulting so I think this might be quite helpful to you. In my opinion, it is crucial to never stop learning by yourself, but combining this with learning from others.

MocaCDeveloper (651)

Here is a list of places to learn Java!

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