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I did something dumb
jgrif17 (2)

The error says it cannot find main...

SheikhAbdullahA (0)

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shaikhaliict (0)

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jamaimacyrus (0)

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Ammie12 (0)

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monicajesvina (0)

There is an issue in the main class. I recently write my assignment cheap for java and have also found almost the same errors. Change the main class name because it shows, Error: Could not find or load main class Main.

Coder100 (18125)

Remove the package declaration in the start:

package snakeeyescount;

It's not needed, and you aren't even putting the file in the correct folder anyways (/snakeeyescount)

realTronsi (926)

You will need a main method because it acts as the starting point of the program. If the compiler can't find the main class then it won't know how to run the program