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I can't type because of this annoying cursor.
TuruuDo (0)

Help me, I don't understand how to fix this.

Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI (6000) [earned 5 cycles]
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go to settings (look on your left to see the round bumpy circle). then look for keybinds. Once you find it, click it, and change it to default.

done. You are all set.

TuruuDo (0)

I can't find the setting, could you please screenshot it for me?
I'll appreciate it.

TuruuDo (0)

oh, okay. I found it. Everything is good.

Wumi4 (486)

You are in the Vim mode. To start typing, type i, then to exit the typing mode, type Esc.

And also, how do you do that? Just curious.

TuruuDo (0)

Thank you very much, it works. How can I set it up to normal mode?
I don't know how came I'm in the VIM mode.

Bookie0 (5977)

@Wumi4 Click on settings, and click keybinds.