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I cant see the preview of my site unless I pop it out
Gj22 (0)

Hi everyone I thought I had some kind of code error but I came to the conclusion that is giving me a hard time. It doesn't say that is down but every time I try to connect to this repl or any repl that contains HTML, CSS, or JS the preview window on the right doesn't work. However, when I click the little pop-out window it does. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Answered by r3b0rn (28) [earned 5 cycles]
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Gj22 (0)
r3b0rn (28)

I can see it working just fine. Sometimes it happens to me too. It just goes away then!

Gj22 (0)

@r3b0rn huh, weird on my end it still says that the connection was reset

Gj22 (0)

@r3b0rn haha I guess is having a fit. Thx for the help! :)