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I can't see the console
AlphaTurk (0)

I joined a joint project but I can't see the console?

CodingEssence (133)

Does it look like this, it only shows the code and/or the files tab right?:

If yes, do you see that arrow all the way on the left side?

Drag and pull that towards the right and you should see the console

AlphaTurk (0)

@CodingEssence No like this:

same on computer. But there was something other than console on the computer, I forgot the name, I'm using it. When this happens, it is difficult to develop my project from the phone :(

CodingEssence (133)

@AlphaTurk hmmm, maybe click on this button on your phone?:

AlphaTurk (0)

@CodingEssence No, I tried everything. I entered from browser, entered from apk file, refreshed the page, forked the project but the same

CodingEssence (133)

@AlphaTurk I don't know. Maybe you could install the replit app from chrome using this button:

Or you could use a different browser, or maybe create a new account.

QuantumCodes (26)

Can you provide the repl? Console should be either on right or bottom. Check if the console is shortened too