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I cant see share button
SravanKumar000 (2)

I don't see a share button in my repository. Please do helpful.

aadyagupta1 (0)

If you want to share a link so that others can collaborate so you have to go to files and click on the three dots on the file. There, you will find copy link option click on that and share it with someone

SravanKumar000 (2)

@aadyagupta1 I want to embed into my personal website.

Wumi4 (541)

The Share button has been renamed to 'Invite'.

SravanKumar000 (2)

@Wumi4 i want to embed ide to my personal website.How can i do that?

SravanKumar000 (2)

@Wumi4 how can i embed into my website?