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I cant run python 3 on my nodejs project?
JDEliot (0)

i need to run a python3 script in my nodejs project but with python command it runs python 2.7 and i need python 3
python3 command doesnt work and i dont know what to do


JDEliot (0)

the thing its in a python project python3 works perfectly, i think i need to install python3 or something

JDEliot (0)

when i run the command whereis run-project i get run-project:

Highwayman (1455)

hm. let me check out a node repl then i'll see what i can do. @JDEliot

Highwayman (1455)

yeah yeesh it's definitly not there, I even manually looked through the directories. hm. I guess you'll just have to download python3 then. I'm not sure how else to fix that, cause yeah I can definitly see it's not there and all the versions of python are for 2.7.xx Interestingly, they have a specific executable "python2". seems weird to me, but anyways yeah. @JDEliot

Highwayman (1455)

You'll notice that when you run a regular repl, the command that they use to run your program will be displayed. You can try looking there to see how they run it.

another thing I like to do to figure out how something is run on replit is to just look at the source code for their run-project executable. Another thing to note is that you should make sure you are trying to run said command (python3 or whatever) in the shell and not the console, but you probably know that.

whereis run-project
# "grep python ./run-project" or something like that. or just look at it with your eyeballs.