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I can't load
Christineshao (1)

I've been trying to load this for 20 minutes now but it keeps being stuck on "Booting repl" Ive tried restarting my computer but it doesnt work. this is due Tuesday please help.

AtriDey (189)

Works fine for me.


It seems to work fine, have you checked your internet and everything? If it still isn't working maybe do what @AdCharity said and file a bug report, I'm sure your teacher will understand.

AdCharity (1322)

If it is repl classroom or you have the "explorer role", file a bug report in the bottom left hand corner.

AdCharity (1322)

Is this repl classroom? it works perfectly fine on my end.

Christineshao (1)

i used my student account. do i need annother account? @AdCharity