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I cannot type any letter in my repls
YashRachchh (0)

When I am opening my repls or creating any repl I cannot type the program. I am pressing the key but the letter is not being typed

Bookie0 (6358)

Make sure the editor is in focus. Can you also link a repl? And when you start to type, do you see a little blue banner saying "Cannot edit in read-only mode"? I've had this problem a few times, and reloading the page usually fixes it.

If it still doesn't, report to bugs by clicking the 'get help' button in the sidebar:

And click 'report a bug':

Good luck! :D

Coder100 (18874)

On mobile, the editor is a bit buggy. Make sure that you correctly selected the editor, and clicked on the editor.

YashRachchh (0)

I can write comments writhe new repls, name, etc. But I can not write letters in the repl.

FloCal35 (670)

Hmmm interesting, could it maybe be the device your using?

FloCal35 (670)

Is the keyboard working on other sites

YashRachchh (0)

Yes it is working on this site also but when I am opening the repls it is not working


FloCal35 (670)

Hmm @YashRachchh. Try signing out and back in maybe? If all else fails, report it using the get help button on the left menu