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I can not get my program to work more than once at a time
MartinRimes (2)

whenever I try to use the same thing module multiple times the program stops working. I tried to do some research and found the reload command but could not get it to work. I have been doing tests with the module the module and the (Area Perimeter for Rectangles) module.

InvisibleOne (2931)

The issue is because you are importing things more than once, you only need to do it once at the top of your code, and then you can use the functions from that module wherever you want.

MartinRimes (2)

so this was not exactly what I had wanted but it did inspire me to try something where i just copy the home page into the other modules so that it looks like you have gone back to the home page and I also used a while loop so that you can use the program over and over again