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I am not sure why but my html does not render in

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Hi I just started using repl recently.
I tried it with python and now with HTML.
but for HTML

the button on top to run the page does not load
can someone help?

Screenshot from 2021-06-11 16-16-13

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the button is forever loading and I notice that the console does not connect or resolve...
so i end up copying the url and pasting it and running it on another tab as a work around...
I was wondering if there is an issue on my end why repl is unable to render the html.

just to give context to what I am doing. I am trying to teach a couple of kids simple html and one person can run it easily while the other has this issue similar to mine. So it makes me think that it is a network issue but I am not sure.

I tried creating a python repl and it was fine... it is uniquely just for html.

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Screenshot from 2021-06-12 11-41-32

the run button is forever loading and the console is forever a white line...
I tried checking for errors in the browser console but don't see any.

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Make sure to click the Run button after you edit your Repl. Repl is not a real time editor, unfortunately.