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I am not getting the new update
CODER34352 (4)

For some reason i can't get the new update for replit. Is it a bug or something?

My friend has the explore/.draw feature. Why do i not have it?


I have the .draw feature, but I dont have the explore feature, even though I am a bug explorer

FloCal35 (667)

Would it be because he's an explorer and your not?


@FloCal35 yeah that’s probably it

CODER34352 (4)

@TestOP isn't the explore bug is a place to change your settings and stuff


@CODER34352 nope you can get the new updates that still might be buggy I think

CODER34352 (4)

@TestOP I finally understand. I am new to replit so IDK all the features. So this is the explorer thing is a option to do stuff. Nice!