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Gkapri286 (0)

Hi People!
I want to try to learn to be a software developer(maybe one day....),my problem though is that I don't understand a [CENSORED] of what's going on in here. I'm really motivated unfortunately I don't know how/where to start.
I'm trying to read but the vocabulary for me it's unknown, so I don't get it.
Any help or any bad comment will be helpful.
Thank you

IMayBeMe (458)

First of all, do you understand what programming is? Software? Hardware? I would recommend reading up on it before learning any real programming. Then learn the names of a few programming langs and learn what they do, for example, python - high level scripting or c - low level. Then once you pick a language you can learn the syntax(the code you type) and experiment marking projects. Also I can further help you if you can tell me what exactly do you not understand

L0k3d20uz4 (1)

Hi, its great that you are motivated to learn. In my opinion, you should start by knowing what each coding language does. There are programming languages like python, java, and c++. Server side languages like SQL and PHP. Website building languages like HTML and CSS. So whatever you are most intrested in you can try. To start learning the languages, I suggest using . It has good tutorials to follow and is free. You can get the paid version for more advanced courses but the free version is perfect for bigginers. Another good resource is . It has a lot of good info on the languages and is all free. And once you know the language, you can try building some cool programs with the help of tutorials on the internet. Remember, anything you do is experience so try whatever you can. Good luck on your coding journey!!

ZarmDev (47)

Hello! I suggest learning Python or HTML first, do you wanna make websites? Learn HTML on and don't give up, then afterwards CSS and JS. If you want to learn general syntax learn Python through the same site, learn the entire thing and don't skip what you don't know. These are the first steps, I have done this and I guess I don't make cool react projects, but atleast I understand HTML, CSS and JS well enough to make good projects with them.

InvisibleOne (2935)

First things first, you'll get in trouble if you swear so I suggest you edit your post.
Next, it really depends on what language you are planning to learn, personally, I started with python since I wanted to use it with a raspberry pi, it's quite an easy language to learn and is very useful.
I suggest you start by reading a tutorial in the tutorial's space on here, or you can check out, which is where I learned, sadly it's only free if you learn python 2, but python 3 is basically the same, you just use () around print statements and stuff.
Alternatively, since you want to be a software developer you could lean c# as your first language, it gives you a good introduction into programming and isn't quite as hard to pick up as c or c++.
Here's a great resource for learning c#:
You can also learn lot by reading things on Mozilla developer, w3schools and I think lot of programmers here also use KhanAcademy (i personally haven't)

CodeMaster007 (109)

What raspberry pi did you use? I am currently working on a IoT project and using the raspberry pi 3b. I heard about the pi pico and it uses micro python (its like 5 dollars!), but its too small and lacks many important abilities. I personally use the raspberry pi for literally everything from games (retropie), to a desktop (twister os), and many more. I am considering buying a raspberry pi 4 (8 ram) or the pi 400 but my mind isn't set on either one yet. Which one do you think would be more worth it? (Or best overall?) @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (2935)

I have a raspberry pi 4b, I was using it for some robotics stuff and messing around with distance measuring lasers, but right now it's set up to run retropie. And this weekend I'll probably try a different os. I also have a 3b that my brother gave me, but it doesn't turn on or do anything, so I'm assuming something broken on it, but I haven't really spent too much time trying to fix it.
As for the pico I can't see many area's I would use it except for small computing jobs.
I'll probably get another pi4 because I'm working on building an auto-targeting nerf turret.

InvisibleOne (2935)

I didn't even realize the pi 400 was a thing, but from a quick google it looks pretty cool. The only issue I can see in it is it might have cooling problems with high loads, whereas on a raspberry pi 4b you can change out the cooling options to what you think is necessary. Still, the idea of a pie built into a keyboard seems pretty nice. @CodeMaster007

CodeMaster007 (109)

Actually, the pi 400 is actually one of the best preforming pi's out there. Underneath the keyboard, theres this huge heatsink and it can cool down easily. I watched a few videos from ETA Prime and he overclocked it to 2.2 GHz! Its crazy! @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (2935)

Wow, that is pretty good, I need to do some research on it. @CodeMaster007