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I Am Looking For A Dev Team!
TheDestroyer99 (11)

Hello, Replers!
I Am Looking For A Dev Team To Help Me Make A Game!


  1. You Must Have Basic Python Knowledge And A Basic Understanding Of Python Turtle (Foreshadowing)
  2. You MUST Be A Kind Person
  3. You Must help with the game dev every day

The First 9 People That Meet Theas Rqierments Will Be Given A Team Join Link



IndyRishi (150)

ME! I love Python and Turtle. But you might want to Repl DM me about the timing. Turtle is one of my favourite python libraries. But will I be credited?

TheDestroyer99 (11)

@IndyRishi Yes!!
What Kind Of Person Would I Be If You Weren't?
But One Question
WDYM "Repl DM Me"?

IndyRishi (150)

@TheDestroyer99 You know those things on the left side of The ones that say notifications, talk, My repls, home? REPL DM is an extension for google chrome which adds one more. Go to: and download. Then go to: to unzip it. Then go to: chrome://extensions/ and click developer mode. Then click load unpacked. Then authorize and it will work.

TheDestroyer99 (11)

@IndyRishi Im On A School Laptop But I Do Have This Thing That I (Kinda) Coded

IndyRishi (150)

@TheDestroyer99 Then you can privately message me straight from

TheDestroyer99 (11)

@IndyRishi If Your Asking If I Have A Phone Then No


I would like to join but i dont know phyton turtle and i dont have too much time :/

CoderBean (11)

I would love to help but I'm not avaliable every day sadly...

JakeHu2020 (12)

what oops I accidently joined please kick me

ErrorNoInternet (13)

I know like 80% of Python, however I do not want to work every single day (sounds terrifying) and I don't use Turtle. I use OpenGL and Qt.

TheDestroyer99 (11)

@ErrorNoInternet it is not a requirement to work every day, and as of right now there is no turtle.

ChristopherDai (81)

Repost the invitation link, please @TheDestroyer99
I know you are online.