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How you find stuffs
Whippingdot (652)

How do you find new repls on the Apps page. Cause they are replacing talk, I am just curious on how it is an improved version. If I post it on Apps, how likely am I able to get seen by people, and how does my project get trending. For now, I see that I have to scroll all the way down in a specific tag all the way to the bottom to see my post, or that is what I think I have to do cause I can't even find my post.

EDIT: Also how do the mods choose what goes in the 'Replit Picks'

Also can you please add the ability to add pictures to comments by just pasting in the spotlight pages/apps section too as it would be useful for game feedback

IMayBeMe (457)

Apps is phasing out share but hasn’t replaced it yet. Share will prob remain until a few new features are added to apps. And to answer your question about finding repls, you really can’t and should just look in talk. Also this would go in the feedback section

Whippingdot (652)

welp ummmm the first part was actually a question, the other edits I did later. @IMayBeMe

InvisibleOne (2934)

It says it's picked by the repl team, so I don't know if you can sort if by new or anything.