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How would I open a website using repl?
kyubismybf (0)

I have been looking, searching, researching and havent found a way to open a website using repl. I know its possible... like it has to be. I am very new to coding, and my experience is little to none, all my repls are all tests and snippets from others works. I have been wanting to expand my horizions and make a name for myself by coding projects based on what I do, not others. So I recently had the idea, if I could ask the community of repl for help loading a website, browser, or something of the sort inside of the tools repl has to offer, I might be able to gain more experience at school, during study hall, where I can open repl, and start by browsing the sites needed to obtain my knowledge. Now that I have explained my purpose, can anyone help?

DynamicSquid (4937)

Try creating an HTML repl. Also just the question is fine, you don't need a backstory :)

kyubismybf (0)

@DynamicSquid thank you! I appreciate the help you two have provided ^^

LukeWright (287)

you can use selenium, or I believe another repler has posted the source code for holy unblocker which seems to be the more stable of the two (unless you have hacker plan). I will find examples of both of them and then link them here for you.

kyubismybf (0)

@LukeWright I appreciate your help, thank you very much! ^^