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How would I make this into an actual bot and add it to my server?
CodeXRed (3)

Hello, so I am trying to create my own Discord bot with this. I plan on later creating a website and letting other people use it, customize it for themselves, etc.

Answered by lukewright6846 (6) [earned 5 cycles]
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lukewright6846 (6)

you could code a discord bot with either python or js. Basically you can code anything you want into your bot as long as you can code it regularly.

lukewright6846 (6)

I don't know much python or js tho so you would have to look up a tutorial.

CodeXRed (3)

So sorry for the late answer, @lukewright6846. Thank you for the help. I was originally going to do this in TypeScript, the language in which this repl is in. I have switched to node.js, and am now doing well with that. Thank you though!