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How to use repl react native?
AdityaTodkar (2)

I have downloaded the expo app from apple app store but I am not able to understand how to scan that QR code on my iphone.

timmy_i_chen (1188)

React Native doesn't work on anymore - I recommend using Snack Expo:

AdityaTodkar (2)

@timmy_i_chen I could not understand how does it work ? How can I see the changes which I made to my react native app ?

timmy_i_chen (1188)

@AdityaTodkar It works similar to, except for React Native - I believe you can also view it on your device by clicking "Run on your device" in the top right corner. I'm honestly not sure though; I haven't used snack.

ebenryanmallory (0)

Also keep in mind iPhone specifically no longer support QR codes - but this is because it is not necessary. Using expo app (or importing Snack Expo code as recommended in below comment), simply start up the project in Expo XDE. Using the app you have downloaded on iPhone, it should automatically register and give you an option to open your code. Android still supports QR code to the best of my knowledge.