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How to use pip in
Science (4)

How can i use pip in Coz i need some reasons just not to install!

JosephSanthosh (989)

Hey @Science, you have a good question! Pip installments can't be written in the console, so we write it in the shell. was recently updated and they made a new feature where the shell is given to you and you don't have to manually pull the shell out!

Here is where you can get the shell:

This is the easiest way to get the shell out! Well I hope you have fun and that your project is successful.

Have a great day!

JosephSanthosh (989)

Sure! Hope it answered your question! Have any questions ask me! Have a great day! @Science

PattanAhmed (1412)

@Science Hi,
You can use pip terminal on your Repl too
For that, Just Hit Ctrl + Shift + S on your Repl
You will see this extra window under your Console

That's your Terminal.

There you can run pip to install packages and do a lot of other things there.

That's it

Hope this helps

Bookie0 (6407)


the shell is here:

you can also press command-shift-s or control-shift-s to enter the shell.

yea so in there you can do your commands and install things ;)

SixBeeps (5353)

Go to the shell tab and run your command there

Coder100 (18930)

Wdym just not to install?
Anyway, hit ctrl + shift + s to open the shell and type in your pip commands there.