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How to use audio in Python?
multicoder2021 (3)

How to use audio in Python?

Please tell me how to use audio in Python in the comments.

I need to use it for a Python alarm.

Answered by SixBeeps (5235) [earned 5 cycles]
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FloCal35 (666)

Here’s a link. Ping me if you need more help

multicoder2021 (3)

@FloCal35 Do you know a way to get audio WITHOUT audio files?

SixBeeps (5235)

@multicoder2021 You can use the built-in tone generator for that, as described in Step 1 of "Developing an Audio Library for Replit" on that page. I also covered it in this video (timestamp related).

multicoder2021 (3)

@SixBeeps Thank you, THANK you SO much


I cant see the sound file.

multicoder2021 (3)

@novaflippers Yes there is one now and my question is answered.