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How to see only .java files?
donnar (2)

I am new to and learning java... but this question is about itself rather than java. I am working with several java files; the assignment is to add new classes to extend existing code. After I run the code the first time, the files area of shows ALL the files that are there. Is there a way to have it show ONLY the .java files?

LOLMcman (68)

Is this affecting the outcome or something?

donnar (2)

No, the thing works fine, but if I add a new file I have to scroll WAAAAY down to find it, and I have to ignore all the files that won't open except as a bunch of non-characters. Annoying more than anything. Why would I want to be able to open an executable file in the editing window? So why should it show up in the list of files I can select for editing?

SixBeeps (5353)

@donnar All does in terms of files is show the project's directory. If you were to compile your code on a local machine, those files would be there as well.

As for your project's files, it doesn't look like you have a lot. At least, not to consider annoying to scroll through (see attached img). Is there another Repl with more files?

To answer your original question, though, there is no file filter, nor is there a search.