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How to save account created with gmail
AsaHorn (0)

So I started using replit at school, so naturally the path of least resistance was to create a replit account through my school Gmail account. Well, the jokes on me because I am about to graduate and loose access to this email and I don't see a way to transfer this account to an email I will be able to log in to.

I see in account settings there is a way to change the email address but doing this requires a password, which I don't think I ever set up because I always sign in through google. I would try resetting the password but its a school account so naturally it can't receive any emails from out of district sources.

Is my account just dead?

RoBlockHead (520)

You can add a new connection such as GitHub in account settings and sign in using that. Hope this helps :)

AsaHorn (0)

@RoBlockHead It does help, I will go link that