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How to run node package scripts?
thedeathblade (5)

I am trying to use as an online environment for running firebase-tools.

I used the package manager to install 'firebase-tools', but how do I get into a shell to run 'firebase login' (for example).

Yamboy1 (38)

You can press f1 while in the editor, and type in shell. Note that this is slightly experimental, so it might not work, but it should be fine. Also, the command you are looking for is npx firebase login

thedeathblade (5)

@Yamboy1 Thank you so much, this info should be in the docs or a tutorial

Yamboy1 (38)

@thedeathblade Because the feature is still experimental, I don't think that will happen till it becomes stable. At that point, it definitely will be though

YodaCode (116)

@Yamboy1 Thank you! I was looking for a way to collaborate on a firebase hosting project, and this is exactly what I needed.