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How to remove a package/undo install-pkg?
ReenigneArcher (0)

I installed a package by using install-pkg my-thing as suggested here ( how do I remove it?

Answered by Highwayman (1501) [earned 5 cycles]
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Highwayman (1501)

just type exit in your shell to reload the environment, though this is a pretty heavy handed technique and will get rid of all the other temporary state, it still works. you might want to look into how packaging works on ubuntu or something if you want something better.

ReenigneArcher (0)

@Highwayman okay, thanks for the response. I didn't realize they were temporary. I'm still pretty new to replit. apt-get install my-thing didn't work so I figured the normal Ubuntu methods for removing wouldn't work either. Thanks!

Highwayman (1501)

uninstalling with apt won't work probably, but I'm pretty sure there's a way to do it with dpkg or something- it's just installed in ~/.apt/ instead for the install-pkg command. You might also want to look into nix and Nix repls, which is supposed to be replit's new way of handling packages. It's a lot better!