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How to randomise
Pokedric (0)

How do I randomize things in Python?

OlauPla (169)

Hello I see that your question was answered by @Wumi4 and @FoCal35 but I had a look at your code. If you want to make a bot with don't use client use bot. It is basically client but with more stuff designed for making bots: This link will show you why that is better and here is a tutorial for you to follow:

Nevertheless I think if you haven't use simple modules like random you shouldn't start with it is not the easiest, learn basics and do some projects first.

I hope this helps you, have a nice day!

Wumi4 (552)

Use random module.

FloCal35 (689)

What kind of randomize?

you can import random and do a bunch of things with that