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How to password protect a repl
PyanSchool (7)

I am making a repl as a gamehub and was trying to make it so if you go onto it you have to enter a password. The repl is coded in html. Thanksin advance

Geocube101 (645)

Check out this post by "mat1"
Intended for Python + Flask but is compatible with Node.js + Express

AdCharity (1325)

html... is front end. Meaning everything is based on the client, which means it is EXTREMELY INSECURE. You need some sort of back end, either made with express/flask/other servers to add a secure password do your repl.

AlexanderTarn (290)

create a .txt file for your game that contains information, then when a user puts in username and password you go over the .txt and when you find what you want just plug that information to the code and play.