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How to make repl webpage dark themed

How do i make it dark mode. ive seen be dark in a few videos but my page is just white. I would love to know how to make dark themed.


Step 1:

Go to your account page.

Step 2:

Scroll down and go to "Roles". Then turn the role of "Explorer" on.

Step 3:

Refresh the page.

Step 4:

You will now see something called "Preferences", and inside of that something called "Theme". Switch the theme from "Light" to "Dark".

Step 5:

Smile because you (hopefully) managed to activate Dark Mode

This took a while to explain, hopefully this answers your question.


In the top right, click on @5hAN, then account.
Then go to roles and switch on "explorer".
Reload the account page and go to preferences; there should be a menu that says "theme". Click it and put "dark".


Go to your account and enable explorer. Once that’s enabled you should see a drop down for dark mode.