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How to make repl "read only"
mukulraina (0)


I'm trying to embed this repl on my blog. However I want this repl to be read only (so that blog reader could still run the repl but not be able to edit it) - Is is possible?

Currently when I edit code from my blog post, it edits the original repl.

Thanks in advance!

tussiez (1668)

By default, other users do not have the permission to edit your Repl.
Because you own the Repl, you can edit the Repl, but others cannot.

SixBeeps (5221)

When you embed a Repl into a webpage (or in your case, a blog post,) it runs a "lite" version of the full editor. One things that carries over into the lite editor is login credentials, so the owner of a Repl can still edit the Repl through an embed. However, your readers won't be able to make changes to the original Repl without forking it for themselves, thus leaving the source Repl untouched.