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How to make a search engine!
LegendaryWolf (691)

Please tell on how to a search engine in HTML,css,js or python. A search engine that takes results from the web.

robowolf (435)

Well there are many examples in python. Some use Wikipedia API (like mine) and other people used Google Search API. You could also use web scraping for this.


i don't think using css, js or html is useful for that, try using some other useful language. Maybe the c's.

LegendaryWolf (691)

Google is made in html,css,js

SixBeeps (5062)

@LegendaryAlpha The frontend is, yes, but 90% of the code, which is in the backend, uses a variety of different non-HTML-JS-CSS languages.

LegendaryWolf (691)

The other languages I know are Python and Java. Can we use them as the backend?


@LegendaryAlpha you need other languages, other than html, css, and js.

Wumi4 (486)

You can make something like this:

  • Make an UI that is like Google (with HTML/CSS Ofc), that takes an input from the user
  • After that, generate a link that will go to the search result of the input though Google (use JS for this)
  • Finally, show the link to the user or lead the user to the generated link

If you want to make a real search engine, then I think you should stop thinking about using HTML/CSS/JS. It is a bit more advanced and you will need to use a programming language like C or Rust or whatever for this.