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How to make a program with a graphic user interface?
GuillermoV2 (0)

I can only make a program with the console. How can I make one with a graphic user interface?

Answered by robowolf (549) [earned 5 cycles]
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GuillermoV2 (0)

@robowolf Yes it does, thank you. I will try it soon. I also want to know if there is the same for other programming languages that replit supports.

robowolf (549)

@GuillermoV2 There's pygame/tkinter for python. I would suggest just googling "language+GUI"


Which language? I have a lot of GUI based games :)

GuillermoV2 (0)

@novaflippers I can code in NodeJS, Lua and Java. So It can be about of any of those
Edit: Thank you for your help also