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How to make a message repeat
FreeformCHEEZ (0)

So I have never coded in my life today other than today but i didn't rlly code I just watched a tutorial and typed what he typed. I was wondering if there is a way to make a message repeat over and over again for a discord bot. I want to have a command that will spam gifs in discord. I was also wondering if anyone could dumb it down enough for me because i have no knowledge of coding. If you can help thanks a lot.

TejasvMaheshwar (7)

I followed along the same tutorial but my code doesnt even work ..... os.getenv returns none whenever i run it ..... hows your code workin?

FreeformCHEEZ (0)

@TejasvMaheshwar i dont know man i just did the same thing the guy in the video did