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How to make a bot that replies to people that @ you on
upsideumop (6)

I don't how to reply to all comments that @ me in them. I only know how to reply to a specific comment by its class name with selenium. Can someone help me?

CodeMaster007 (109)

What do you mean by "@"? If you were to make a bot, then the comment or reply would be the same or in a pattern. Either way, if you want to reply and be accurate then its better to do it yourself? Heres a example..

John: How are you doing?
Steve: Hello! #this is the bot. As you can see, it is not accurate as the bot answered something different than was asked.


upsideumop (6)

@CodeMaster007 an @ is a ping, like on replitt and i will scan the comment for kewords using, and reply to it based on that

CodeMaster007 (109)

Ok. Even so, I really don’t think it would be that accurate or worth it. @upsideumop