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How to link the URL inside a form to the Output
GustavoGutierr2 (0)

As you can see within my replit python program, I am trying to create a form where users can insert the name of a website and a link associated with that web page. Here is what I need help with. I want the website and the url to show up as one entity.

The output, as defined in this python program, is the following:
--> index.html
--> <td>{{ }}</td>
The website shows up in this line of code and is supposed to have a url linked with it.

Coder100 (18109)

You never specified in your database where you would store that URL, no wonder you can't print it!

GustavoGutierr2 (0)

@Coder100 My goal was to make the URL and the website name show up in the same spot. I tried making it so that the url would get stored in the database, but when I tried to make the href show up where the Websites are stored, it would send me back to the same page.