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How to link different text channels in different servers on discord using discordjs?
VenomousSteam81 (2)

I have 2 Discord servers and want to link 1 text channel for the 2 servers. So, if someone in server a, channel a, says something, it goes to server b, channel b. How do I do this?

KuroDev (1)

@VenomousSteam81 hello its antimatterdev again. i have to figure somethings out with my other account so im on my school account rn. here is the code that i made. i was unable to test it but i think it should work. if you need any help figuring it out just ask.

VenomousSteam81 (2)

@KuroDev thank u. i havent been on, as i have another acc that has everything lol

AntimatterDev (40)

hmm interesting proposition. ill work on a code and get back to u

AntimatterDev (40)

@VenomousSteam81 ill send u the code when i get home since i have to test if it works