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How to link curlpp
Coder100 (16855)

Finlay never responded so...

First, I do git clone
Now what? (Sorry I have not done this very much)

How do I link CurlPP with a normal C++ program?

lol Sorry for sounding seriously ignorant, because I am in this subject.

Also if a kind soul could explain exactly the -l flag in ye G++ compiler that would be nice

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fuzzyastrocat (1510)

I have no experience with CurlPP. My guess is that you just need to include the files you need from the include directory, and then link their counterparts in the src/curlpp directory. I'm not sure exactly how that library works though, so I can't really help a whole lot right now, but I'll get back to you on it when I learn more!

As for the -l, that simply links with a library. There's a nice explanation here.

Coder100 (16855)

@fuzzyastrocat thankies also do you want 5 cycles

Coder100 (16855)

lol wait ryan is helping me just a sec after he resolves
his @fuzzyastrocat

PattanAhmed (1397)

IDK nothing about Curlpp!

programmeruser (575)

You don't know how to install C++ libraries correctly, you have to compile them to a .so or a .a then you link with that.
By the way that project uses CMake.

Edit: curlPP doesn't work since libcURL isn't installed on @Coder100


ok, so the way to link a curlPP with a normal c++ program is to make different directors with one curlPP repo on one file, and the other with a try to test them out. If that doesn't, try installing.

Coder100 (16855)

wdym try and wdym installing? @RYANTADIPARTHI


@Coder100 nvm those. When the real thing doesn't work, I'll explain them, but just make directors, and link them toogether.

Coder100 (16855)

wait but you never answered my question @RYANTADIPARTHI

Coder100 (16855)

or at least give working example @RYANTADIPARTHI