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How to learn Kaboom
ichbindede (0)

I'm trying to learn Kaboom but in YouTube there's only 1-2 tutorials. So how can I learn Kaboom?

SixBeeps (5348)

Just out of curiosity, how much JavaScript do you already know?

Kaboom is a library that sits on JavaScript, and it helps tremendously if you know JS going into Kaboom.

ichbindede (0)

@SixBeeps I know Kaboom is a JavaScript library and I don't know almost anything about JavaScript. But I'm watching JavaScript tutoriols. Also is JavaScript good for beginners? Because I'm new to programming.

SixBeeps (5348)

@ichbindede JavaScript is definitely a programming language, I can tell you that.

Good for beginners? Maybe. You don't have to worry about typing too much, and its syntax isn't as hard as some of the others. Granted, you'll have to run head-first into object-oriented programming concepts, but that was gonna happen either way if you were to have chosen some other beginners programming language.

ichbindede (0)

@SixBeeps Ok and I know python. Will be easy to learn?

SixBeeps (5348)

@ichbindede The syntax is ever so slightly different, but if you feel comfortable with Python, it shouldn't be too difficult switching to JS. They're both object-oriented, so that's a plus.

How much Python do you know, though?

ichbindede (0)

@SixBeeps Ok I feel comfortable with Python.
I'm making some games and stuff with pygame.

SixBeeps (5348)

@ichbindede Oh, then learning JS should be no problem at all.

SixBeeps (5348)

@ichbindede No problem. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions btw.

Carnage498 (58)

@ichbindede they have a kaboom.js tutorial on if that's what your looking for:
Hope it helps!

ichbindede (0)

@Carnage498 yeah, I looked at it it a bit helped me but I didn't understand the menu thing cause when I delete the other buttons instead of play, it didn't works. Also thanks.

Coder100 (18915)

Yeah there aren't many youtube tutorials, but you can find some tutorials on the official website.

also examples if you want to learn by example:

In general, it's not super well tutorials, and the best way to learn kaboom is by making.