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How to install an updated C++ standard library?
xxpertHacker (855)

So, I can easily write install-pkg clang-10, and get an updated C++ compiler, but the standard library is decoupled from the compiler.

Does anyone know how I could get an updated library on Repl?

programmeruser (575)

install-pkg, or obtain the deb file and extract it.

xxpertHacker (855)

@programmeruser Which one? What file am I looking for?

xxpertHacker (855)

@Coder100 I barely tried to search for this; but do you know anything about this?

xxpertHacker (855)

@Coder100 That is sad, they couldn't even run the "Hello, world!" program. ;-;

I think that libcxx/libc++ might be something worth checking out, but I'm wondering what Repl is already using, so that I could update that...