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How to indent this code?!
madmonster (33)

This program is going to be the first thing I'm writing for the game jam. Even though this is like a twelve-liner, I honestly can't tell you how much errors in the code. Those mistakes, -I meant typos are composed mainly on indenting errors. Help please!

ArchieMaclean (928)

Here is a link to the fixed repl.
Please upvote if this helps :)

mrfibo123 (9)

You have a print statement that isn't indented on line 13 and if you want to indent the 'if' statement then you should indent print or not indent "if". I assume you want to indent it all instead though because its supposed to loop. You also need to flip the "an" and "bet" in the if statement. I've fixed it in a fork of the original code here: